Bio Ostara N

100% organic fertiliser.

Bio Ostara N is a paramount source of nitrogen for crops. The organic matter mainly consists of humic acid structures, which unlock pre-existing nutrients within the rhizosphere. As a result, the nutrients become accessible for absorption by plant roots.

Healthy fertilisation, using Bio Ostara N prevents the symptoms of deficiency in crops during the vegetation period. This implies a reduced need for the use of conventional fertilisers, which in turn prevents soil degradation and is extremely environmentally-friendly.

Moreover, Bio Ostara N influences the microbiological processes in the soil, aiding its structure and porosity and favouring absorption.

Given the large amount of amino acids-based protein in OSTARA N, the slow release of amino acids (a result of the breaking down of organic structures) allows plants to access proper nutrition. The slow release of amino acids allows plants to access nutrients only when necessary, with a lower risk of leaching and volatilisation.

Physical-chemical properties

Bio Ostara N comes in the form of pellets, with a diameter of 4-5 mm.

Product content

100% organic fertiliser, composed of vegetal and animal matter, under the formula 10:2:2+1 MgO. It presents a high concentration of organic nitrogen and microelements like Fe,Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo.


To be applied using specific equipment for fertiliser application, or at the same time as seeding.

Crops: Cereal, Sunflower, Potato, Corn, Sorghum, Chickpea, Fruit trees and shrubs, Grapevine, Vegetables.

Dosage and recommendations: 200-250 kg/ha.

vegetal and animal matter

organic nitrogen