Power Tek Soil+

Power Tek SOIL+ is the NP fertilizer with trace elements, perfect for your crops. With a balanced content of Nitrogen and Phosphorus, it provides an excellent basic fertilization and ensures plant nutrition from the moment of emergence.

Fertilizer of NP type and trace elements, with soil application. The balanced content of Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) ensures the basic fertilization, suitable for vegetable crops, ensuring the nutritional needs of the crops from the first stages of development, from emergence.

Liquid fertilizers, which are delivered directly into the soil, will deliver nutrients, enzymes and organic matter into the top layer of the soil before it infiltrates deeper. These beneficial ingredients are then available to the plant’s roots or used by soil microorganisms.

Due to the complete solubility in water of 100%, with a superior dispersion and diffusion in the soil, they have a higher efficiency, especially in drought conditions, versus classic solid fertilizers. It is distributed much more evenly. Phosphorus is immediately used by plants and is not immobilized by Fe, Al or Ca ions, and the availability of phosphorus in the soil is crucial for the development of the plant’s root system. Micronutrients are important in reactions such as nitrogen fixation, protein synthesis, root system development, sugar accumulation, plant growth and development. It can be used on soils with a higher phosphorus content and those well supplied with potassium.


  • Contributes to the vital processes of plants (nitrogen fixation, protein synthesis and development of the root system).
  • Potassium humate improves soil organic matter content, strengthens disease resistance and reduces pest damage.
  • Nutrients, enzymes and organic matter are delivered directly into the soil, ensuring that plants are fully nourished from emergence.
  • Bacillus megaterium has a good effect in degrading organic phosphorus in the soil, fixing phosphates and potassium. It improves the micro-ecological environment in the soil by controlling nutrition and other resources in the rhizosphere.
  • Mycorrhizae allow the plant to obtain additional moisture and nutrients. This is especially important in the absorption of phosphorus. Fungi get carbohydrates from the root of the host plant, which they use for energy, and the fungi transport nutrients such as phosphorus and zinc from the soil to the plant’s roots.


  • Total nitrogen – 15.2% (Ammonia nitrogen 1.4%, Urea nitrogen 13.8%)
  • P2O5 – 6.2%
  • Mycorrhizae
  • Bacillus megaterium
  • Zn – 0.1%
  • B – 0.1%
  • Humic substances – 1%


  • Sunflower: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100l/ha
  • Grass cereals: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100 l/ha
  • Rapeseed: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100 l/ha
  • Maize: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100 l/ha
  • Soybean: 50 – 80 l/ha|Single scheme 80-100l/ha


For application instructions, contact your nearest Norofert representative.

Total nitrogen




Bacillus megaterium