Soil improver.

P-Fix is ​​a complex product for the solubilization of phosphorus fertilizers or insoluble forms in the soil.

P-Fix solubilizes phosphorus and stimulates root growth, by converting insoluble phosphates from the soil into forms easily assimilated by plants. Fixes phosphates and potassium, improves the micro-ecological environment in the soil, controlling nutrition and other resources in the rhizosphere. By colonizing the roots with Bacillus subtilis, a thin film is formed for a long colonization of the rhizosphere. 

Product content

  • Bacillus megaterium 1×109 cfu/ml
  • Bacillus subtilis 1×1011 cfu/ml
  • Humic substances 10%

Physical-chemical properties

P-Fix is presented in the form of a soluble concentrate, brown in color, with a specific smell.


Dilute the product in 200-400 L of water per hectare, foliar application with the use of specific equipment and techniques.

Crops: Sunflower, Autumn wheat, Autumn Rapeseed, Corn, Soy.

Dosage and recommendations: 1 L/ha. It will be applied after a soil work and the application of phosphorus fertilizers, or when preparing the germination bed with 8-10 cm incorporation, immediately after application.

Bacillus megaterium

Bacillus subtilis

Humic substances