GRAAL – Fertilizer based on microorganisms, amino acids of vegetable origin, ascorbic acid and potassium sulfate.

The product contains microorganisms that help to improve soil structure, to fix nitrogen on plant roots, to fix atmospheric nitrogen, to metabolize phosphates, with a tonic effect on plants.

GRAAL creates a microflora at the level of the roots that generates sufficient moisture. Potassium plays a very important role in protein formation and flowering. It is involved in stomatal functioning, helping to reduce plant transpiration, which increases drought resistance.

Ascorbic acid has antioxidant and reducing action, with a role in mediating tolerance to abiotic stress (UV rays, salinity, heat, heavy metals).

Physical-chemical properties

GRAAL is presented in the form of a brown suspension with a specific smell.

Product content

  • Bacillus megaterium
  • Azospirillium lipoferum
  • Amino acids of plant origin
  • Potassium sulfate
  • Ascorbic acid

Recommended dosages

Culture Dose
Sunflower 1 l/ha
Autumn wheat 1 l/ha
Autumn wheat 1 l/ha
Corn 1 l/ha
Soy 1 l/ha

Bacillus megaterium

Azospirillium lipoferum 

Amino acids of plant origin

Potassium sulfate 

Ascorbic acid