Power Mix HO

Conventional foliar fertilizer with an innovative approach to improve low-cost production that optimizes nutrient use in dry periods.

Power Mix HO is the fertilizer that brings an intelligent combination of nutrients for optimal plant growth. By combining nitrogen with boron, sulfur and molybdenum, this fertilizer provides complete support for the health and development of your crops. With rapid nitrogen release in the first 1-2 days and gradual release over the next 4-6 weeks, plants get the nitrogen they need exactly when they need it. With a utilization efficiency of up to 98%, this fertilizer significantly exceeds the effectiveness of traditional fertilizers. Power Mix HO also has a unique ability to withstand variable conditions, including rain, strong sun and wind.


  • Nitrogen is delivered to the crop ready to be assimilated whether it rains or not. It has the physical ability to stick to the leaf despite rain, sunlight, high/low temperature and wind. After application, there are no burns or phytotoxicity on the plants, regardless of the temperatures outside.
  • Boron plays an important role in the movement and metabolism of plant sugars, stimulates the production of pollen and improves its viability, plays a role in the metabolism of nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Sulfur plays a role in the formation of amino acids, proteins and oils. It is necessary for the formation of chlorophyll, helps the development and activation of certain enzymes and vitamins.
  • Molybdenum regulates nitrogen nutrition, regulates the conversion of nitrate into proteins.


  • Total nitrogen – 20% (Urea nitrogen 8.2%, Methylene-urea nitrogen 11.8%)
  • SO3 – 12%
  • B – 2%
  • Mo – 00.3%


  • Sunflower: 5 – 10 l/ha | Single scheme 20 l/ha
  • Grass cereals: 5 – 10 l/ha | Single scheme 20 l/ha
  • Autumn rapeseed: 5 – 10 l/ha | Single scheme 20 l/ha
  • Corn: 5 – 10 l/ha | Single scheme 20 l/ha
  • Soy: 5 – 10 l/ha • Potato: 15 l/ha


  • For grassy cereals, apply from standard leaf to flowering BBCH 47-61, 1-3 treatments. A single treatment with 20 l/ha can be done on the standard leaf at the beginning of the spike, and in this way the last fraction of classical fertilizer applied is replaced.
  • For sunflowers, it is recommended to apply BBCH 14-16 to 4-6 leaves, until flowering BBCH 60, 3 treatments. The dose of 20 l/ha can be applied before flowering.
  • For corn, apply from the 4-8 leaf phase BBCH 14-18, 1-3 treatments. 20 l/ha can be applied at the stage of 6-8 leaves.
  • For autumn rapeseed, apply in the spring at the start of vegetation when the stem is elongated BBCH 30-32, until flowering BBCH 59, 3 treatments. The dose of 20 l/ha can be applied at the beginning of flowering.
  • For potatoes, it is applied from the early formation of the tubers in 3 treatments, every 7-14 days.
  • For soybeans, in the period from 1-2 trifoliate leaves to flowering, 1-3 treatments. Dose 5-10 l/ha.

Total nitrogen