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Innovative fertilizers for thriving crops.

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Power MIX Line

Power Mix is ​​a line of conventional foliar fertilizers with an innovative approach to low-cost production improvement that optimizes nutrient use in dry periods.

The idea behind this line: to provide effective and affordable solutions to meet the nutritional needs of plants while promoting healthy crop growth.

Maximizing Yield: By using Power Mix, farmers can achieve higher and higher quality yields. The fertilizers in this range are based on a balanced formula of nutrients, which helps to maximize crop yield.

Save Time and Money: Using Power Mix fertilizers can reduce the need for repeated application and increase resource efficiency. That means less time and money spent on fertilizer administration.

Power TEK Line

Power TEK is a range of liquid fertilizers for soil application. Produced in Romania, this range is adapted to local needs and the specifics of our soil and climate.

Nutrition at the Root of the Problem: Power Tek delivers nutrients directly into the soil, ensuring plants have quick access to them, thus contributing to healthy and robust plant growth.

Uniform Distribution: Through its liquid formulation, the product ensures uniform distribution and equal access of plants to nutrients.

Ease of Application: Power Tek is easy to apply and allows precise regulation of the amount, thus reducing wastage and saving resources.

Fast Absorption: Liquid fertilizers are absorbed faster by plants compared to solid ones, providing instant effective nutrition.

Flexibility in Application: These fertilizers can be used before, or at sowing, adapting to the specific needs of the crops.

Saving money and time: Unlike granular fertilizers, whose effectiveness depends on the amount of precipitation and temperature, with Power Tek, the availability of nutrients is immediate and complete.

It eliminates the risks and losses associated with the application of solid fertilizers.