Norofert innovates through research and is an “agriscience” company specialized in sustainable crop protection technologies. With investments in the development of new formulas, including customized ones, and ecological products, the company has a solid portfolio of products to combat diseases and pests in agricultural crops. The goal is to become an important private research center in the field of biotechnology.

Global trends focus on sustainability in agriculture. Norofert contributes to this movement both nationally and across borders, through the production of products beneficial to soil and plant health.

Our team’s attention is particularly focused on soil health which automatically leads to increased productivity now and in the years to come. We are constantly on the lookout for the best products in terms of soil health. For this reason, Norofert experts constantly come up with new technologies and solutions suitable for all types of crops.

Norofert technologies aim at sustainable agriculture. For us, this means a mix between conventional, eco and a greater attention to the health of the soil. We all want to have high productivity and performance now, but by taking care to treat the soil with the necessary elements, we ensure that we have a productive soil five years from now.

There are many reasons why we encourage soil care:

  • offers many advantages for both producers and consumers, but also for nature and climate;
  • a healthy soil generates higher incomes unlike farms that do not cover this aspect or that only use conventional inputs. Why? Expenses are lower in the case of a soil prepared for plants, rich in resources, vitamins and healthy;
  • It substitutes for some of the inputs used conventionally;
  • ecologically cultivated soils contain more humus and have a better structure compared to soils fertilized with chemical fertilizers;
  • ecological agriculture increases biodiversity naturally.

Healthy soil is essential for sustainable agriculture and increased crop productivity. By maintaining healthy soil, farmers can reduce input costs and increase crop yields, reducing the negative impact on the environment.

What does a healthy soil actually mean?

  • it has a strong structure that allows air, water and nutrients to circulate through it;
  • has a balanced texture that provides adequate water and nutrient retention but is not too dense or too clayey;
  • has a neutral or slightly acidic pH, which is optimal for plant growth; it can be obtained by adding organic matter, such as compost or humus, which improve the quality of the soil and provide the necessary nutrients to the plants;
  • it is rich in nutrients essential for plant growth, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; these nutrients are provided through fertilizers or the decomposition of organic matter.

In 2023, Norofert developed a new innovative solution: polymer-based technology. The polymer technology allows the absorption and slow release of the fertilizer, thus providing the plant with a constant source of water and nutrients.

Using polymer-based technology saves water and fertilizers and will see improvements in the soil and its ability to retain essential nutrients allowing crops access to the nutrients they need for healthy growth and a productive harvest.

Polymer fertilizers are used in agriculture due to the significant advantages at the level of any crop:

  • Polymers are suitable for use as coating materials for fertilizers because they facilitate the entry of water through the coating film. Thus, the nutrient is dissolved and released slowly through the same film, due to the high water absorption and the ability to hold the absorbed water under pressure for a longer period of time.
  • Contributes to a saving of fertilizer and therefore time and costs, as fewer applications are required.
  • The carbon footprint is smaller, with less loss of nutrients to the environment due to their controlled release.
  • The polymer is nature and environment friendly and 15-30% fertilizer savings can be achieved.

The company has developed a proprietary technology, called BioChain, which only uses raw vegetal, animal, bacterial materials and microorganisms as ingredients for the products.

BioChain technology provides the farmers with a full spectrum of products from Norofert that helps them grow fully organic crops, from the seeding moment to the harvesting. Under BioChain Technology, the farmers have access to:

  • Organic seed sprays, in which the seeds are being bathed prior to being planted;
  • Fertilizers and insecticides, which are sprayed on the crops 2-3 times until the harvesting, as soon as the plant grows at least 2-3 centimeters;
  • As soon as harvesting is over, the special treatment to decompose is applied to the ground in order to prepare the soil for the next crops.

All of the products are fully synchronized and harmonized, which means that the farmers can just follow the full line of Norofert products during the whole growth cycle, ensuring the healthy and sustainable growth of the crops.

Apart from standardized organic formulations, Norofert is also specialized in the area of production and research of organic inputs. Norofert’s experts help farmers maximize their production with the help of their customized formulas that take into consideration the specificities of the individual crops as well as the soil components, atmospheric conditions, and other factors, including rodents or pests that are endangering the harvest in the given time period and area.

The process of preparing customized fertilizers consists of the following steps and is based on specific requests:

  • Soil analysis, collected by Norofert experts and inspected at the company’s laboratories;
  • Detailed analysis of what the specific plant/crop needs in order to grow and develop;
  • Analysis of the atmospheric conditions as well as the local environment;
  • Preparation of the unique formulation and its production either in the tablet or liquid form;
  • Delivery of the ready to use products to the client, together with application instructions.

Norofert takes care of the whole process, from environmental research to actual product delivery and first application. Additionally, Norofert’s experts have the capability to assist the farmers with the organic farming regulations in specific countries, in order to ensure that the fertilizers administered to the crops are fully compliant with all the applicable national regulations on organic farming. All Norofert products are by default compliant with EU regulations on organic farming. 

The effervescent tablet is Norofert’s innovative product, currently pending patent approval, brought to the European market in 2018.

The effervescent tablet replaces the classic liquid or powder products used in agriculture, thus completely removing the risk of fermentation at high temperatures, extending the shelf life as well as reducing the storage and transport space. The tablet, which can combine between 4 to 6 active substances, dissolves almost instantly (within 60 seconds), without leaving any deposits or residues.

All of Noroferts products (fertilizers, insecticides, etc) can be provided to the clients in the liquid or tablet form.

The key advantages of Norofert’s effervescent tablet:

  1. Similar to Norofert’s liquid fertilizers, the effervescent tablet uses BioChain technology of Norofert;
  2. The tablet dissolves completely within maximum 60 seconds;
  3. The tablet dissolves completely, without leaving any deposits or residues;
  4. One tablet can contain between 4 to 6 active substances;
  5. The bag or container of 1,2 kilo transforms into a 250 gr (0,25kg) tablet, thus significantly reducing storage and transport space;
  6. The tablet does not possess any risk of fermentation at high temperatures;
  7. There is no risk of segregation or alteration of the product or its active ingredients;
  8. The shelf life of the tablet is extended to 5 years.