Aminotop N

Aminotop N is a biodynamic product, obtained through a process of rapid cold fermentation of organic matter and its mixing with organic and mineral substances in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 889/2008, Annexes I and II.

Through its content, it develops the foliar apparatus of plants, develops the root, and ensures healthy growth and development of agricultural crops.

From field experience, when applied foliar, Aminotop N, through its formulation, helps plants to successfully overcome periods of water stress and moments of phytotoxicity that occurred immediately after the application of herbicides (when the product is used in conventional agriculture).

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant development.

Physical-chemical properties

Aminotope N is a liquid, brown in color, with a specific odor.

Product content

  • 90% vegetable amino acids – according to 889/2008 – Annex I

Recommended dosages

From practical experience and/or available documentation, we recommend the following application doses:

Wheat, barley, triticale, corn, sunflower, soybean: 1L – 1,5L / ha, în 200-400 litri de apă

90% vegetable amino acids