Biostimulator with disease prevention role.

Biostimulator based on amino acids and Bordeaux juice. Activates and intensifies physiological processes in plants throughout the growing season. Amino acids are able to directly or indirectly influence the physiological activity of plants, with a fundamental role in the synthesis process of chlorophyll, in the functioning of stomata.

Stimulator role of growth, flowering and fruiting processes. Bordeaux juice with contact action against pathogens with a preventive and curative effect.


IMMUNIX is available as a soluble concentrate.


  • Amino acids of vegetable origin 2%
  • Bordeaux juice 0.2%

Dosages and recommended treatments

Application: can be applied to horticultural crops (fruit trees, vines, strawberries, vegetables.

Time of application: It is applied directly to the leaves throughout the vegetation period, the interval between treatments 10-14 days, through preventive treatments.

Application technique: ATTENTION! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO A PLANT BATH! The product must be sprayed from a distance of 20 cm, enough for the particles to reach the surface of the leaves.

Amino acids of vegetable origin 2%

Bordeaux juice 0.2%

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