100% organic fertiliser.

P35 BIO is an important phosphorus source for crops. Phosphorus is one of the 17 chemical elements crucial for the growth and reproduction of plants and is widely considered to be an energizer for crops, as it aids in the storage and transfer of energy during photosynthesis. Moreover, it forms integral part of the genetic material of all genes – DNA and RNA.

The contents of P35 BIO favour the capacity of cationic exchanges of the soil, which allows better storage of nutrients like Ca, K, Mg and trace elements. The product helps the development of the radicular system within its initial stages and ensured balanced plant growth.

Physical-chemical properties

P35 BIO comes in the form of brown pellets with a specific smell.

Product content

100% organic fertiliser of 2-5 mm granulation, with a high concentration of phosphorus (P205), at least 28% of which is of soft phosphatic rock origin.


To be applied using specific equipment for fertiliser application, or at the same time as seeding.

Crops: Cereal, Sunflower, Potato, Corn, Sorghum, Chickpea, Fruit trees and shrubs, Grapevine, Vegetables.

Dosage and recommendations: 200-250 kg/ha.

high concentration of phosphorus (P205)