Power TEK N+

Power Tek N+ is a liquid, soil-applied fertilizer designed to support crop development from emergence due to its high nitrogen content.

Liquid fertilizer, with soil application, indicated in the early stages of crop development. It ensures a normal development of the culture in periods of stress, stimulating the vegetative development of the leaf apparatus. It is quickly assimilated in the plant.

The presence of the three forms of nitrogen ensures a complete plant feeding action: immediate effect, thanks to the nitric nitrogen, and one of gradual feeding, thanks to the presence of the other forms of nitrogen.

At the same time, the contained nitrogen intervenes in the synthesis process of chlorophyll and enzymes, favoring the absorption of other nutrients. Sulfur plays a role in the formation of amino acids, proteins and oils. It is necessary for the formation of chlorophyll, helps in the development and activation of certain enzymes and vitamins, and is a structural component of two of the 21 amino acids that make up proteins.


  • The three forms of nitrogen provide complete plant nutrition. Nitric nitrogen provides immediate effect, while other forms of nitrogen provide gradual nourishment.
  • Sulfur is essential for the formation of amino acids, proteins and oils. Sulfur also contributes to the development of chlorophyll, the activation of enzymes and vitamins, and the structure of amino acids in proteins.
  • Nutricharge technology helps protect nitrogen losses, combines the characteristics of a nitrogen stabilizer with patented technology, maintains and improves nitrogen absorption. Can help nitrogen efficiency up to 60 days after application.
  • Azotobacter chroocoorum – bacterium that has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen, can be used as biofertilizer, fungicide, nutrition indicator and in bioremediation. It helps to grow crops under normal conditions, but also in polluted soils. It can act as a fungicide for use in treating soils and plants attacked by fungal infections.
  • Mycorrhizae form a network of filaments that associate with plant roots and draw nutrients from the soil that the root system could not otherwise access.
  • This alliance stimulates plant growth and accelerates root development.


  • Total nitrogen – 27% (Ammoniacal nitrogen 6.8%, Nitric nitrogen 6.8%, Uric nitrogen 13.4%)
  • Azotobacter chroocoorum
  • Mycorrhizae
  • Nutricharge – N 0.1%
  • Zn – 0.1%
  • B – 0.1%
  • Humic substances – 1%
  • SO3 – 5.2%


  • Sunflower: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100l/ha
  • Grass cereals: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100 l/ha
  • Rapeseed: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100 l/ha
  • Maize: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100 l/ha
  • Soybean: 50 – 80 l/ha|Single scheme 80-100l/ha


For application instructions, contact your nearest Norofert representative.

Total nitrogen


Azotobacter chroocoorum