Power Tek Complete

Power Tek COMPLETE is a high-quality liquid fertilizer that provides complete nutrition to plants right from the start.

With 100% water solubility, it distributes evenly throughout the soil, ensuring that every plant receives the essential nutrients, enzymes and organic matter it needs, regardless of climate conditions.

High-quality soil-applied NPK fertilizer with trace elements, which provides the nutritional needs of crops from the first stages of development, from emergence. Liquid fertilizers are delivered directly into the soil and will deliver the nutrients, enzymes and organic matter into the top layer of the soil before it infiltrates deeper.

These beneficial ingredients are then available to the plant’s roots or used by soil microorganisms. Due to the complete solubility in water of 100%, with a superior dispersion and diffusion in the soil, they have a higher efficiency, especially in drought conditions, versus classic solid fertilizers. It is distributed much more evenly. Phosphorus is immediately used by plants and is not immobilized by Fe, Al or Ca ions, and the availability of phosphorus in the soil is crucial for the development of the plant’s root system.

Most micronutrients are part of plant enzyme systems. Micronutrients play an important role in photosynthesis. Micronutrients are important in reactions such as nitrogen fixation, protein synthesis, root system development, sugar accumulation, plant growth and development.


  • Phosphorus immediately available to plants helps the development of the root system.
  • Extends the release of phosphorus from the fertilizer by reducing its fixation in the soil and works with the plant to extract the phosphorus fixed in the soil.
  • Micronutrients contribute to more efficient photosynthesis, protein synthesis and healthy plant development.
  • Nutricharge technology helps protect nitrogen losses, combines the characteristics of a nitrogen stabilizer with patented technology, maintains and improves nitrogen absorption. Can help nitrogen efficiency up to 60 days after application.


  • Total nitrogen – 9% (Ammoniacal nitrogen 7.6%, Uric nitrogen 1.4%)
  • P2O5 24%
  • K2O 3%
  • Mn 0.1%
  • Zn 0.1%
  • Nutricharge – 0.1%


  • Sunflower: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100l/ha
  • Grass cereals: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100 l/ha
  • Rapeseed: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100 l/ha
  • Maize: 50 – 80 l/ha | Single scheme 80-100 l/ha
  • Soybean: 50 – 80 l/ha|Single scheme 80-100l/ha


For application instructions, contact your nearest Norofert representative.

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