Power Mix Amino

Conventional foliar fertilizer with an innovative approach to improve low-cost production that optimizes nutrient use in dry periods.

Power Mix Amino is the fertilizer designed to feed plants with essential nitrogen in two smart ways: fast and gradual. This means the plants get the nutrients they need in just 1-2 days to grow quickly, and then continue to be fed nitrogen for 4-6 weeks to maintain their health and vitality [by slow release]. With up to 98% efficiency, this fertilizer outperforms traditional fertilizers in every way. Plus, it contains natural amino acids and other nutrients to help plants grow better and produce bigger, healthier crops.


  • Nitrogen formulation gives quick release properties in 1-2 days (ureic nitrogen), approx. 40% and the remaining 60% is slow release for 4-6 weeks (methylene urea). Applied nitrogen has a very high utilization rate of around 98%, well above traditional nitrogen fertilizers.
  • Nitrogen is delivered to the crop ready to be assimilated, whether it rains or not. It has the physical ability to stick to the leaf despite rain, sunlight, high/low temperature and wind.
  • Very low content of biuret and salts, it helps to prevent burns or phytotoxicity on plants after application, regardless of outside temperatures.
  • It does not contain nitrates and does not release nitrates into the environment, does not leach or pollute the water table. Amino acids support plant maintenance, growth, vitality and reproduction. The product gives plants more energy and stamina, bigger leaves, longer roots, more flowers and fruits, and an overall healthier crop.
  • Magnesium sulfate plays an important role in photosynthesis, also regulates the uptake of other nutrients by plants, promotes the formation of oils and fats, helps seeds germinate, makes plants grow more compact and denser, and produces more flowers.


  • Total nitrogen – 23.6% (ureic nitrogen 9.5%, methylene-urea nitrogen 13.5%, Organic nitrogen 0.6%)
  • Organic amino acids of vegetable origin – 8%
  • SO3 – 2.5%
  • MgO – 1.3%


  • Sunflower: 5 – 10 l/ha | Single scheme 20 l/ha
  • Grass cereals: 5 – 10 l/ha | Single scheme 20 l/ha
  • Autumn rapeseed: 5 – 10 l/ha | Single scheme 20 l/ha
  • Corn: 5 – 10 l/ha | Single scheme 20 l/ha
  • Soy: 5 – 10 l/ha • Potato: 15 l/ha


  • For grassy cereals, apply from standard leaf to flowering BBCH 47-61, 1-3 treatments. A single treatment with 20 l/ha can be done on the standard leaf at the beginning of the spike, and in this way the last fraction of classical fertilizer applied is replaced.
  • For sunflowers, it is recommended to apply to 4-6 leaves BBCH 14-16, until blooming BBCH 60, 3 treatments. The dose of 20 l/ha can be applied before flowering.
  • For corn, apply from the 4-8 leaf phase BBCH 14-18, 1-3 treatments. 20 l/ha can be applied at the stage of 6-8 leaves.
  • For autumn rapeseed, apply in the spring at the start of vegetation when the stem is elongated BBCH 30-32, until flowering BBCH 59, 3 treatments. The dose of 20 l/ha can be applied at the beginning of flowering.
  • For potatoes, it is applied from the early formation of the tubers in 3 treatments, every 7-14 days.
  • For soybeans, in the period from 1-2 trifoliate leaves to flowering, 1-3 treatments. Dose 5-10 l/ha.

Total nitrogen


Organic amino acids