Aminotop Ultra

250gr effervescent tablet

Aminotop Ultra is an organic biostimulator based on amino acids of vegetal origin and has in its composition all the nutritious elements necessary for the healthy developments of plants.

Aminotop Ultra effervescent tablet. Three active substances.

It contains nitrogen of natural origin, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium sulfate, zinc, calcium, molybdenum, auxins, cytokines, and organic material.

Applied from the beginning of the plant cycle, Aminotop Ultra ensures a full nutrition, fortifies and develops the radicular system, develops the foliar apparatus and increases the resistance of the plants to heat and drought. It is recommended for all types of crops.

Instructions for use

If you are using self-propelled agricultural equipment for fertilizing / applying foliar treatments, first dilute the Aminotop Ultra effervescent tablet in 5-10 liters of water.

If you are using classical farm machines for fertilizing/applying foliar treatments, put the effervescent tablet Aminotop Ultra directly in the watertank. An effervescent effect will take place and the tablet will dissolve in 60 seconds. Before applying the solution, make sure the dissolution process of the tablet is complete.

The Aminotop Ultra 250 gr effervescent tablet content

  • Vegetal organic amino acids (min. 70% free amino acids)
  • Magnesium sulfate (kieserite) – natural origin

Dosages and recommended treatments

Big crop: 1-2 tablets / ha in 200-400 liters of water, in every important plant growth phase

Vegetal organic amino acids

min. 70% free amino acids

Magnesium sulfate




Organic material