Mineral product obtained by mechanical processing. It makes cultures healthier and stronger.

Mineral product obtained by mechanical processing. It makes crops healthier and stronger.

It helps to improve the efficiency of fertilizers, by reducing the sensitivity of the soil to adverse weather conditions, such as drought or torrential rains. They essentially improve soil structure by allowing water to drain.

It contributes to the loosening of the soil and the optimal development of the root system of plants with a direct role in the mobility of nutrients in the soil. Develops an environment conducive to microbial life and small organisms in the soil (responsible for loosening).


Calcium is presented in powder form.


  • Calcium carbonate CaCO3

Dosages and recommended treatments

For all crops in the garden, apartment, such as vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, ornamental plants.

It is applied by spreading the powder on the moss-affected lawn, then it should be irrigated.

Soil application 2 kg/10 m2, or 1 teaspoon at the root when replanting small seedlings or 1 spoon when planting seedlings.

Calcium carbonate CaCO3

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