Killer Bio

Bio-stimulant with insecticide role

Organic bio-stimulant with insecticide role. The active substances found in the product inhibit the capacity of insects for feeding.

Natural products formulated based on mineral, vegetable, and microorganisms approved to be used in organic farming. 

Recommended for all types of vegetables, fruits and flowers cultivated on small farms or in home gardens.

Approved for organic farming by one of the largest ecological certification bodies in Europe, EcoCert France.


Killer Bio meets the needs of micro and macro elements of plants, contributing to their healthy growth and development.

  • Oil Solution
  • Aspect: liquid
  • pH = 7
  • Density: 1,7


A 100 ml bottle of Killer Bio contains mineral, vegetable, and micro-organisms allowed to be used in organic farming.

All Norofert inputs, including the components of the Fito line, are produced using raw vegetal, animal, bacterial materials and microorganisms as ingredients.

Dosages and recommended treatments

Recommended dose: 2.5% (100ml in 5L water), 3-4 treatments (dripping).

Keep away from fodder and food.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with water.

Keep only in the original packaging in a dry, cool place.

Storage temperature: 5-20 °C.