Terminator BT

250gr effervescent tablet

Terminator BT effervescent tablet, based on the biological pesticide Bacillus Thuringensis, offers the most efficient organic treatment against caterpillars and beetles.

The active substance from Terminator BT effervescent tablet

The Terminator BT effervescent tablet is an insecticide based on Bacillus Thuringensis
Used for the first time as a biological insecticide 21 years ago, Bacillus Thuringiensis is naturally found in various environments, especially in the soil and on leaves. It is lethal for hundreds of thousands of species of insects that are vector to some diseases, but nonpathogenic for humans, birds and animals.

Instructions for use

If you are using self-propellled farm equipment for fertilizing/ applying foliar treatments, make a first dillution of the effervescent tablet Terminator BT in 5-10 liters of water.

If you are using classical farm machines for fertilizing/applying foliar treatments, put the effervescent tablet Terminator BT directly in the water tank. An effervescent effect will take place and the tablet will dissolve in 60 seconds. Before applying the solution, make sure the dissolution process of the tablet is complete.

Terminator BT 250 gr tablet content

Bacillus Thuringensis

Dosages and recommended treatments

Fruit trees: at least three treatments (foliar application) of 3 x 250gr tablet /ha dissolved in 500 liters of water

Bacillus Thuringensis

Lethal for hundreds of thousands

of species of insects

Immediate action

Extremely effective

against caterpillars and bugs