Biostimulator with the role of preventing pest attacks.

Neem oil (Margosa extract) is a natural extract from the seeds of an Azadiractha indica tree. It controls the ability of insects to grow and reproduce by killing insect larvae or nymphs before they become reproductively capable adults and interferes with the insect’s molting hormone. It also reduces damage by repelling and deterring feeding at all insect stages.

The compound causes insects to reduce or stop feeding, can prevent larvae from maturing, reduce or interrupt mating behavior, and in some cases, the oil coats the insects’ breathing holes and kills them.

Orange oil destroys the protective layers of the dehydrating insects, which leads to their destruction and death. It penetrates the respiratory holes of the insects, leading to their suffocation and death.

Paraffin oil has a physical mode of action: the oil film covers and suffocates insect eggs and larvae and adults.

Fights very well aphids, lice, whiteflies, mites (it also has a repellent effect on them), moths, thrips, phylloxera, psyllids, etc.


RAZZER is presented in the form of a concentrated suspension, brown in color, with a specific smell.


  • Neem oil 4%
  • Orange oil 0.6%
  • Paraffin oil 4%

Dosages and recommended treatments

Period of Application: Application should be made when the pests first appear and are in their larval or early nymph stages.

Method of application: The product can be applied directly to the leaves from spring to autumn, once every two weeks by repeated spraying until the particles reach the entire surface of the plant.

CAREFUL! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO A PLANT BATH! The product must be sprayed from a distance of 20 cm, enough for the particles to reach the surface of the leaves. The product can also be applied against pot worms as follows: when the worms are very small (2-3 mm) it is sprayed over the entire surface of the soil in the pot, and when the worms have reached large sizes (2-3 cm) it is applied directly on the worm (bath). Do not exceed the recommended frequency! Shake the bottle before spraying!

Neem oil 4%

Orange oil 0.6%

Paraffin oil 4%

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