Biostimulator based on amino acids with a balanced content of microelements.

Activates and intensifies physiological processes in plants throughout the growing season.

Aminoacids are able to directly or indirectly influence the physiological activity of plants, with a fundamental role in the synthesis process of chlorophyll, in the functioning of stomata. Stimulating role of growth, flowering and fruiting processes, but also with a natural chelating effect of microelements. Produces better plant vigor, greener and shinier leaves.


PRODIGY is presented as a soluble concentrate.


  • Amino acids of vegetable origin 3%
  • Cu 0.01%
  • Fe 0.18%
  • Zn 0.15%
  • Mn 0.05%
  • B 0.1%
  • Mo 0.005%

Dosages and recommended treatments

Application: can be applied to green plants.

Time of application: Apply directly to the leaves throughout the vegetation period, 2-3 times a week.

Application technique: ATTENTION! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO A PLANT BATH! The product must be sprayed from a distance of 20 cm, enough for the particles to reach the surface of the leaves.

Amino acids of vegetable origin 3%

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