Crop Protect Bio


It contains a very wide combination of mycorrhizal microorganisms (endo and ectomycorrhiza), bacilli and fungi with multiple roles for crop plants and soil, beneficial for plants by creating a healthy environment and enriching fertility. In the soil, it breaks down plant debris, releasing nutrients, making them available to plants and also destroying potential breeding grounds for pathogens.

It acts in two ways: invasive in the sense that the access of pathogens to the stomata of the plant leaves is limited, and secondly curative by degrading the cell walls of the pathogens, stopping their reproduction.

Also role in nitrogen fixation, solubilization of phosphorus and promotion of bud, shoot and root growth and productivity. It can effectively increase the yield, increase the vitamin C and sugar content of the fruit, improve the quality and taste of the fruit. The external mycelium of fungi, sporangia and spores dehydrate after contact with orange oil, which leads to the destruction of pathogens.


Crop Protect Bio it is presented in the form of a suspension, brown in color, with a specific smell.


  • Orange oil 1%
  • Paraffin oil 10%
  • Vegetable glycerin 20%
  • Azospirillium lipoferum
  • Trichoderms
  • Mycorrhizae
  • Bacterial organisms

Dosages and recommended treatments

Recommended for use on vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and vines on small areas or in the garden.

The recommended dose is 1% (100 ml in 10 l of water) 2-3 treatments applied foliarly.

Orange oil 1%

Paraffin oil 10%

Vegetable glycerin 20%



Bacterial organisms

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