Fortis Mineral T.P.

Fortis Mineral T.P. (horticultural oil) is based on paraffin mineral oil in which are dissolved the rest of the mixture of vegetable oils present in the product, namely neem oil (Azadirachta Indica), and the mixture of aromatic oils (lemon, orange).

Treatment with Fortis Mineral T.P. (horticultural oil) has the role of significantly reducing the hibernating forms of mites and lice in San Jose, but also of other pests that hibernate in different forms (eg aphids).

The optimal time to apply treatment with Fortis Mineral T.P. (horticultural oil) is when the outside temperature exceeds 5 degrees Celsius and no frost or rain is expected in the next 24 hours.

Mixing the product with fungicides is contraindicated. A minimum period of 7 days is recommended between the last resting treatment with sulfur or copper products and the treatment with Fortis Mineral T.P. (horticultural oil)

Fortis Mineral T.P. (horticultural oil) will be applied with equipment capable of ensuring uniform coverage, making a bath of the trees. It is recommended that the solution penetrates all cracks in the bark, as these are the preferred places of pests for wintering (hibernation).

Horticultural oil treatments are mandatory for apple, hair, and quince. Cherries, cherries, apricots, and plums are treated only if mite attacks or massive aphid attacks have been recorded.

Fortis Mineral T.P. (horticultural oil) evenly covers eggs and larvae, leading to their destruction by asphyxiation and poisoning due to the content of Azadirachta Indica in neem oil. It is known that the larvae of the San Jose Louse are covered with a wax shield; Fortis Mineral T.P. (horticultural oil), due to its formulation, penetrates through the wax shield of the larvae, destroying them.

By applying the product, the hibernating forms are destroyed, thus eliminating the risk of attack and damage to trees at the beginning of vegetation.

Applied as recommended, Fortis Mineral T.P. (horticultural oil), it is no longer necessary to apply further insecticides (treatments) that should be done if hibernating insects were not controlled.

Applied in early spring, Fortis Mineral T.P. (horticultural oil) prolongs the period of vegetative rest, thus helping the trees to pass more easily over the late frost periods.

Fortis Mineral T.P. (horticultural oil) content

  • 60% paraffin oil;
  • 30% mix of vegetable oils;
  • 5% neem oil;
  • 5% mix of vegetable aromatic oils (lemon, orange).

Physical-Chemical Properties

Fortis Mineral T.P. comes in the form of an oil emulsion, transparent, with a citrus scent.

Storage and validity term

5 – 25 degrees Celsius, protected from sunlight and frost / 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Recommended dosages

Applied with manual pump (vermorel): 0.6%, when the temperature reaches 5 degrees C, at the end of the vegetative rest – the beginning of budding (respectively 60 ml in 10L of water). For large areas, it is recommended to apply 5 L per ha in 500 L of water.

When it is desired to prolong the vegetative rest, in order to avoid the late spring frosts, it is recommended to apply 10 L per ha in 1000 L of water.

Target cultures

Fruit bushes, apple, pear tree, apricot, peach, cherry, plum, fig, vine.

60% paraffin oil

30% mix of vegetable oils

5% neem oil

5% mix of vegetable aromatic oils