TE Complete

TE Complete is a product recommended for use in organic farming and is formulated based on trace elements, amino acids and humic acids.

TE Complete, through its content, provides all the nutrients necessary for the development of foliage, stimulates photosynthesis and flowering process, and helps the development of fruit and sugar transport.

TE Complete content

  • 0.04% Copper
  • 0.72% Iron
  • 0.02% Zinc
  • 0.2% Manganese
  • 0.42% Boron
  • 10% Amino acids

The role of amino acids

  • Stimulates the flowering process;
  • Brings a significant ratio to the size and color of the fruit;
  • Increases the ratio of sugar and acidity (Brix);
  • Develops the root system;
  • Facilitates nutrient absorption;
  • Strengthens the immune system;

The role of humic acids

  • Unlocks nutrients from the soil;
  • Increases the permeability of membranes allowing the absorption of nutrients;
  • Stimulates the development and multiplication of soil microorganisms;
  • Reduces over-salinity issues;
  • Reduces soil erosion;

The role of Copper (Cu)

Copper helps to form a large number of flowers on the plant, being involved in their coloring, and a large number of pollen grains.

Deficiency leads to delayed flowering, few flowers that are difficult to open or not at all. Sterility of flowers, especially those at the top of the ear, inflorescence, shoots. Deformed flowers or inflorescences, delayed ripening of berries, or fruits formed.

The role of Iron (Fe)

Iron is especially important in the process of photosynthesis. Deficiency leads to yellowing of younger leaves, so they acquire a yellowish-green color, then the areas between the veins become lemon-yellow or white-yellow. Only the main nerves and less often the secondary ones remain green. They look withered. Sometimes the young leaves become completely whitish. Vine trees and stumps are poorly developed and weakened. Fruiting is very poor. The grapes are small with low sugar content.

The role of manganese (Mn)

Plays an important role in photosynthesis. It causes a better resistance of plants to frost, drought and a high content of soluble salts in the soil. It plays an important role in the flowering of plants. Deficiency. The symptoms appear in the form of internervurian chlorosis similar to those of Mg deficiency, with the difference that it manifests itself first on the young leaves, from the top, and on those that have recently reached maturity and extend to the base of the plant or shoots.

The role of Zinc (Zn)

Plays an important role in photosynthesis. Increases plant resistance to frost and drought. Deficiency can cause pollen sterility, poor, incomplete binding, and the formation of a small number of seeds or fruits, which are usually small.

Physical-Chemical Properties

TE Complete comes in a dark brown liquid with a specific odor.

Storage and validity term

5 – 25 degrees Celsius, protected from sunlight and frost / 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Recommended dosages

5L/ha, in 200-400 liters of water

Target cultures

Fruit bushes, apple, pear tree, apricot, peach, cherry, plum, fig, vine.

0.04% Copper

0.72% Iron

0.02% Zinc

0.2% Manganese

0.42% Boron

10% Amino acids