Defence 3

Defense 3, by its formulation, protects trees, shrubs and vines against specific diseases (molds and bacteria) due to the 5 species of Trichoderma and 3 species of Bacillus, specially selected for their known antifungal properties.

The microorganisms contained in Defence 3 are beneficial fungi that are known to be antagonistic to harmful and unwanted species. These are some of the most powerful organic fungicides used in the organic farming system, their beneficial effect being proven during decades of use.

Diseases controlled: powdery mildew, rape, bacterial fire, monilia disease, bitter rot, wet rot, gray rot, bitter rot, leaf sieving, red leaf spot, vine hand, vine powder, leaf twist, leaf rot.

Preventive treatments are recommended during periods of risk.

Defence 3 content

  • Trichoderma atroviride (harzianum spp.);
  • Trichoderma hamatum; 
  • Trichoderma koningii; 
  • Trichoderma longibrachiatum; 
  • Trichoderma Reesei;
  • Bacillus Subtilis;
  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens; 
  • Bacillus licheniformis.

Physical-Chemical Properties

Defence 3 comes in the form of a brown liquid with a specific odor.

Storage and validity term

5 – 25 degrees Celsius, protected from sunlight and frost / 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Recommended dosages

1L/ha in 200-400 liters of water.

Target cultures

Fruit bushes, apple, pear trees, apricot, peach, cherry, plum, fig, vine.

Trichoderma atroviride

Trichoderma koningii

Trichoderma Reesei

Bacillus Subtilis