Completion of the first stage of the microorganism research and multiplication laboratory for agriculture, following an investment of 3 million lei

13 Feb 2024

Bucharest, February 13, 2023 – Norofert, the research leader for regenerative agriculture and one of the largest producers of inputs in Romania, listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange on the AeRO market (BVB symbol: NRF ), announces the completion of the first stage of the laboratory for research and multiplication of microorganisms for use in agriculture. The laboratory is located within the premises of the input factory in Filipestii de Padure, owned by the company, and is the only one of its kind in Romania. This laboratory has the capacity not only to produce raw materials needed for the factory but also to sell strains of microorganisms in liquid or solid form, with technologies adapted to the requirements of local and international markets.

Vlad Popescu, President of the Board of Directors, Norofert:

“The microorganism research and multiplication laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and enables complex research into the processes of multiplication of microorganisms. The research and development of new products represents for Norofert the main growth vector in the medium and long term, the strongest differentiator in a European market where the vast majority of manufacturers do not have a research department in the company. Thus, a key element for the investment in the laboratory is also its international addressability.”

An important aspect of this first stage is the close collaboration between Norofert’s team of researchers and technicians and the Faculty of Biotechnology within the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (USAMV) Bucharest. Thus, the company has access to scientific expertise and university resources, contributing to the isolation and development of microorganisms owned and registered in its name.

The finished products resulting from the research and multiplication activity of the laboratory are designed to meet the varied needs of the agricultural community, providing innovative and sustainable solutions for both conventional and organic agriculture. This laboratory, unique in the country, is distinguished by its flexibility in the production of newly derived strains adapted to the challenges of climate change.

The first stage of the project marks the completion of the construction of a medium-sized laboratory, representing an advanced and well-equipped technological space, in which the company invested 3 million lei. The second stage of the project will start towards the end of 2024, and the total value of the investment will amount to over 6 million lei.


About Norofert:

Norofert is the research leader for regenerative agriculture and one of the largest producers of inputs in Romania, founded in 2000 by the Popescu family. In full development of production facilities to support sustainable agricultural practices, internationally, Norofert demonstrates commitment to the goal of climate neutrality and the ability to innovate in an area crucial to the future of agriculture and food security.

With a mix of business lines, Norofert has developed in recent years its production capacities both in the area of inputs and agricultural farming, lines that will see development in the coming years. With 65 products in its portfolio, the company caters to both conventional and organic farmers, with a new niche of liquid conventional products in growing demand.

From 2020 the company is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange on the AeRO market and from October 2021 Norofert shares are included in the BETAeRO index. During the 4 years of activity in the capital market, Norofert raised 14 million lei through capital increases and 11.5 million lei through a private placement of corporate bonds. The company’s corporate bonds are traded on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the symbol NRF25 starting June 5th, 2020.

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