Norofert begins assembling a production line in the USA and attracts a local partner

19 Mar 2024

Bucharest, March 19th, 2024 – Norofert, the leader in regenerative agriculture research and one of the largest input producers in Romania, listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange on the AeRO market (BVB symbol: NRF), announces the start of a production line for inputs and an investment of EUR 250 thousand in one of the most important agricultural area in the USA. Production will focus on the range of soil health and foliar nutrition, similar to the one from Romania, and it will be used bacteria produced in the laboratory in Filipestii de Padure. The investment will be carried out through Norofert AG, based in Watertown, South Dakota, in partnership with Gary Lamb, an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in Midwest agribusiness, with extensive knowledge of the market and farmers in the area.

Vlad Popescu, President of the Board, Norofert:

“For Norofert, geographical dispersion represents a primary objective. The technology and formulas of our products allow us access to competitive markets, and entering the US market, although delayed due to the pandemic, is an example in this regard. It is a mature market where farmers apply advanced field technologies and where climate change does not have the same negative impact as in Eastern Europe. The feasibility of the project is even greater as we benefit from the results of production and research of the microorganism multiplication laboratory in Romania, which will export concentrated strains of bacteria for use in production in the USA.”

The project to access the US market began in 2020, and since then, significant steps have been taken, such as the approval of a range of products, certified field testing, and the creation of a product portfolio with growth potential in the American market. Over time, the company’s management has explored various market entry routes, including participation in agricultural fairs as well as discussions with local representatives and distributors. Ultimately, attracting a local partner represents the strategic decision through which Norofert can reduce its operational risks and which will also generate the most benefits for the company’s shareholders.

Thus, the initially created company, Norofert USA LLC, which is in the process of moving to the State of Delaware for tax reasons, currently fully owned by Norofert S.A., has established a new subsidiary, Norofert AG, in which the group holds the majority stake of 51% and Mr. Gary Lamb 49%. Mr. Gary Lamb will manage the activities of the new entity from South Dakota, overseeing sales, territorial expansion, and company administration. The assembly of the production line in the American market and the collaboration with Mr. Lamb result from a negotiation and due diligence process of over a year.

Norofert’s products meet the technological standards required by markets such as the one in the USA. The production line will be located in a rented space, and the automations to be implemented will allow the company to maintain a small number of employees, specifically 2, for the first year. At this moment, there are pre-orders for the bacterial fertilizers to be produced in the new factory. The start of construction for the production line is scheduled for the first week of April.


About Norofert:

Norofert is the leader in regenerative agriculture research and one of the largest producers of inputs in Romania, founded in 2000 by the Popescu family. In the midst of expanding the production facilities to support sustainable agricultural practices, internationally, Norofert demonstrates commitment to the goal of climate neutrality and the ability to innovate in an area crucial to the future of agriculture and food security.

With a mix of business lines, Norofert has developed in recent years its production capacities both in the area of inputs and agricultural farming, lines that will see development in the coming years. With 65 products in its portfolio, the company caters to both conventional and organic farmers, with a new niche of liquid conventional products in growing demand.

From 2020 the company is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange on the AeRO market and from October 2021 Norofert shares are included in the BETAeRO index. During the 4 years of activity in the capital market, Norofert raised 14 million lei through capital increases and 11.5 million lei through a private placement of corporate bonds. The company’s corporate bonds are traded​ ​on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the symbol NRF25 starting June 5th, 2020.

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