250gr effervescent tablet

Pholk effervescent tablet is a 100% natural, organic product, that assures a neutral water pH and a good distribution of foliar treatments.

By eliminating the risk of increasing the alkaline saturation or the acidity of the final solution, the best development of the plants is assured.

Pholk is a 100% natural, organic product, with the role of balancing the pH of the water used for mixing the other products.

How Pholk effervescent tablet works

The context that makes the usage of Pholk effervescent tablet necessary. The majority of phytosanitary products have a very low pH, acidic, that can radically change the water pH, transforming the final solution into an acidic one.

This can affect the absorbtion of the products that are about to be distributed or can directly affect the plant’s optimal development.

The Pholk effervescent tablet assures a neutral pH of the water in which the phytosanitary products or foliar fertilizers will be mixed, ensuring a safer distribution of foliar treatments. At the same time, the risk of increasing acidity or increasing the alkalinity of the final solution is eliminated, with the help of microorganisms from the product.

Instructions for use

If you are using self-propellled farm equipment for fertilizing/applying foliar treatments, make a first dillution of the effervescent tablet Pholk in 5-10 liters of water.

If you are using classical farm machines for fertilizing/applying foliar treatments, put the effervescent tablet Pholk directly in the water tank. An effervescent effect will take place and the tablet will dissolve in 60 seconds. Before applying the solution, make sure the dissolution process of the tablet is complete.

Pholk 250 gr effervescent tablet content

  • CaCo3
  • Microorganisms

Dosages and recommended treatments

1 tablet 250gr/ 200 liters of water



Adjusts the pH of the water

Required for each mix