Bio Ostara N

Bio Ostara N is a product manufactured in accordance with Regulation 889/2008, Annexes I and II.

Bio Ostara N is composed of blood flour, bone flour, and organic amino acids from NON-GMO soybeans obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis.

Bio Ostara N contains dehydrated blood flour expressed in organic nitrogen – crude protein.

The nitrogen in the composition of Bio Ostara N ensures the development of foliage and facilitates photosynthesis and healthy plant growth.

Physical-chemical properties

Bio Ostara N comes in the form of brown pellets with a specific smell.

Product content

  • blood flour
  • organic nitrogen from crude protein

Dosages and recommended treatments

From practical experience and/or available documentation, we recommend the following application doses:

Large crop, various vegetable crops:

  • 150-200 kg/ha administered in full vegetative stage
  • 75-100 kg/ha at sowing

blood flour

organic nitrogen from crude protein