Bio Ceres NPK

packaging 500 kg / 1000 kg

Bio Ceres NPK is a 100% natural, organic fertilizer, containing optimal and balanced quantities of organic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Through the way of application and special formula, the product is instantly available, without losses, ensuring the nitrogen necessary to plants rapidly developing. The humic acids and amino acids directly contribute to the healthy growth of plants and roots.

The advantage of Bio Ceres NPK

Because of its innovative formula (organic and mineral matter, free amino acids, auxins, cytokines, vegetal enzymes) Bio Ceres NPK grains were designed in a way that every element present in the formula is available immediately after application.

Instructions for use

The 3-5 mm granulation of the innovative product Bio Ceres NPK allows uniform distribution on farmlands

Bio Ceres NPK can also be administered at sowing, in a dosage of 75kg/ha

Content of Bio Ceres NPK grains

  • Organic matter
  • Mineral matter
  • Free amino acids
  • Auxins
  • Cytokines
  • Vegetal enzymes

Dosages and recommended treatments

  • Small-grain cereals (wheat, barley, triticale, spring barley): 150-200 kg / ha
  • Corn / Sunflower: 150-200 kg / ha
  • Rapeseed: 150-200 kg / ha

Organic amino acids

Humic acids

Soft organic rock with

microorganisms disintegration P

NPK 5-15-5 + ME