Karisma S+MG

packaging 10L

By its content, Karisma S+MG helps the plants to have a regular development process, and it directly contributes to higher yields.

From the field experience, when applied foliar, Karisma S + MG helps to rapidly develop the foliage and root system of the crops of wheat (wheat, barley, triticale) and rapeseed.

Instructions for use:

  • Keep away from heat.
  • Avoid direct action of the sun’s rays.
  • Avoid frost.
  • Storage stability: 5 – 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Term of validity: 24 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Avoid temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius.

The characteristics of the product may change in efficiency if it is not stored under the optimal conditions indicated.

Karisma S+MG content

  • 2.2% Bor
  • Vegetable amino acids
  • 10% Kieserit 

Dosages and recommended treatments

From the practical experience and/or the available documentation, we recommend the following application doses:

  • Wheat, barley, triticale – 1L – 2L / ha, in 200-400 liters of water 2 treatments 
  • Rapeseed – 1L – 2L / ha, in 200-400 liters of water 2 treatments.

2.2% Bor

Vegetable amino acids

10% Kieserit